My art has been described as "unrealistically real with a twist of magic." I work from real life and imagination. I have kept large, strange insects and reptiles alive in my studio while using them as models for giant sculptures and paintings. I helped paint a very big mural of the Pacific reef for the Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno, California, and I have painted many other murals public and private. I participated in "The Art of Guitar", a traveling show by Gibson Guitar. I paint peoples collections. I have worked with children in the arts in all mediums. Last year I illustrated a children's book about dragons by Jane McDonald, look for "Hagassis and Anawynd", coming soon. I have worked with our local environmental center creating paintings for a pamphlet on how to rid your house of insects without using pesticides...that was fun! I have participated in many solo and group shows throughout the states where my work has been collected. It has also been licensed and published in posters, magazines, books, wallpaper and fabric. Currently I am painting a series of large oils on canvas under the title of "She Stared Life Boldly in the Face". We'll see where that takes me.


I live by an estuary that inhales and exhales on a six hour rhythm. It smells sweet in the morning. I am in love with the color, light and shapes of this world so I make art with it whenever I can using whatever materials move me; paint, canvas, clay from a river bed, twigs from the creeks willow, globes from the swap meet. I like variety. This is my reprieve from the disturbing parts of the world, my sanity magnet. I rest in this place and fill up again. Our living room is my studio, but its flexible. From there, I spill onto the deck and out into the yard, sometimes using cooking utensils for tools. I also paint with friends in their space, on location or out in nature. I make big messes.

Often I collaborate with my love partner, Stephen Plowman, a multi-talented man. His outdoor metal studio is an ongoing work of art. Its built at the base of a mountain next to a creek and the railroad tracks, beneath the overhang of an old barn made from fresh and recycled materials. With a background in wood, ceramics and welding, his work varies from small intimate pieces of jewelry to a custom made steel hulled sailing boat, and everything whimsical and functional in between. His work is always soulful and original. Together we have made several public art pieces for downtown San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, installed many private commissions and gallery pieces. Creating art together can be magic. When our ideas and mediums dovetail, it takes our work to new dimensions beyond what we could do alone. We are experimenting now with a new glass kiln. I like the moment of flashing the orange hot kiln when the glass turns from liquid to solid taking on a new form.

Amazingly our children have turned into young adults. Morgan, Gram and Emelia, each one creatively exploring their life through adventure, art, travel, school and work. They are funny, smart, talented...I could go on and on but won't. I am honored to be their mother.

Life is my school. Mysteries of the natural world and my relationships in it are my teachers. I have so much yet to learn. Living full, life is art. So thank you people for supporting us by supporting the Arts. It is a beautiful, symbiotic relationship. I am happy, I hope you are.
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My work has been described as "unrealistically real with a twist of magic." I work from real life and imagination.
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